Talking about Buzz implies speaking of Marketing and Strategy.

Buzz Marketing is a type of marketing strategy that encourages people to whom we address to pass on our message, creating waves of exponential growth. In fact, we all do this when we recommend and advise friends on places or brands that we like.

From the perspective of traditional marketing, this type of event is called ADVOCACY and happens at the end of the consumer journey. In a world increasingly networked, we cannot think of communication strategy without also thinking of digital communication.

With the development of technology and the increasing use of the Internet, digital is now a powerful means of communication that offers several options to start creating buzz from the beginning consumer journey. Today, digital is usually the first step of the journey.

Combining the various dimensions of communication, offline and online, analog and digital, paper and web, we do BUZZ and accompany the people for whom we speak through different stages of their consumer journey. Consumers are now more informed and critical users; creating dialogues and establishing clear and honest relationships is the key to creating strong relationships and generating buzz.

This is the motto of the Buzzing Sisters:

Being present in a consistent, true and confidence-building family, constructing strong relationships.